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Frequently Asked Questions About Shawnee
Downtown Shawnee, KS  

With a population of just over sixty thousand, Shawnee is the third fastest growing city in the state of Kansas. Here's some other Frequently Asked Questions that might provide some answers for you. Call 888.550.SCVB for more info or e-mail us with inquiries.


Where is Shawnee Mission?

There is no City of Shawnee Mission. The name Shawnee Mission is used by the post office, and generally includes most areas in Johnson County, Kansas. Shawnee Mission is also a School District that includes parts of several cities in Johnson County.

How old is Shawnee?

In an 1825 treaty with the Indians, the U.S. government gave the Shawnee Indians 1,600,000 acres of land in eastern Kansas, including all of Johnson County, in exchange for their lands in Missouri. By 1854, a new treaty was negotiated, with the Indians selling back to the United States all of the land with the exception of 200,000 acres reserved for their homes, amounting to 200 acres for each member of the tribe. In 1854 the Kansas Territory was opened for settlement. The newly repossessed territory was sold by the government to the incoming home-seekers. Shawneetown (later shortened to Shawnee) was platted soon after in 1856.

What is Shawnee's elevation & climate?

Elevation - 1,060 feet above sea level. Climate - Average annual temperature is 55 degrees; the January average is 29 degrees and the July average 78 degrees. Average annual precipitation is 38", snowfall 23".

What's the population of Shawnee ?

Shawnee's current population is 64,170 (2014 estimate) Area - 42.25 square miles (27,042 acres) .

Do you offer an Historical Walking Tour?

Yes. The Downtown and Around the Corner: Historical Walking Tour brochure is available, free, from City Hall or Shawnee Town Museum. The tour, walking and driving - highlights 18 points of interest that also provide context for Trail enthusiasts.